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November 2017 Archives

Marriage expectations can cause toxicity or happiness

More than ever before, people are expecting more from their relationships. Research has found that personal wellbeing is directly tied to the quality of a person's relationship. High expectations of marriage can lead to one of two things: a happy, healthy marriage or a toxic marriage because the standards are way too high to meet.

Using collaborative law in dividing property

Finding out that your spouse wants to get divorced is never easy to hear. This can be on the most difficult things you will go through during your lifetime. The minute you are told that divorce is imminent you should begin preparing by finding a divorce attorney who can help you divide property using collaborative law in Fort Lauderdale.

How is the mortgage handled in a divorce?

One of the most common questions divorce attorneys are asked by their clients surrounds the mortgage of the family home. Couples want to know what happens to the family home, if it should be kept by one of the spouses, and what happens to the mortgage. These are all important topics, but the one we will focus on today involves the mortgage.

How to handle an uncontested divorce in Florida

As you prepare for divorce in Fort Lauderdale, it's important to know and understand all of your options. Many couples will find themselves sitting before a judge in no time because they simply cannot solve their problems -- even in mediation. Here's how you can reach an uncontested divorce.

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