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The major issues that lead to divorce

Divorce is an all too common issue in Florida, which is not out of the norm for the country either. Couples that divorce do so for various reasons and not every divorce will mirror the ones that came before it. Here are the major issues that lead to divorce for most couples.

One of the hot-button topics that can lead to divorce surrounds money. Money is not always the lone cause of divorce, but it can be a major factor. For example, arguments can ensue regarding how money is spent, saved, not saved or who is earning more in the marriage. These are all issues that can cause a couple to end their relationship.

Infidelity is a top cause of divorce, if not the leading cause of divorce. Cheating is an issue that many couples will face at some point during their relationship. Some couples can work through it and recover to remain married, while other couples won't be able to and will head for divorce.

Addiction also plays a major role in divorce. Addiction does not have to be solely about drugs either. Addictions can involve work, sex, alcohol and other daily activities that take you away from your spouse or create a wedge between the two of you in your marriage.

Irreconcilable differences are also noted as common causes of divorce. This is when there are just too many differences between the two spouses for them to work through them all and save the marriage.

Has your marriage regrettably come to an end in Fort Lauderdale? Are you ready to file for divorce? Speaking with an experienced family law attorney will make dealing with the legal process much easier than going it alone.

Source: Today, "6 major reasons why people divorce," Oct. 25, 2017

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