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Consider divorcing your home in a divorce

Getting a divorce is an incredibly difficult process, even for couples that have not been in sync for quite some time. The prospects of divorce can become even more difficult when you are more attached to the family home than to your spouse. Once divorce has been decided on, you will then need to figure out who stays in the house or if it will be sold.

The answer here is that there is no right or wrong answer to selling the family home in divorce. It all boils down to if the house is in both of your names, if there are children in the marriage, the personalities of you both and if the court gets involved in the divorce.

Your first option is to come to an agreement where you sell the house now, as the divorce is taking shape. It might be easier to rip the entire bandaid off at once as the house will be a big part of that bandaid.

You could also sell the house at a later date. It will need to be much later, possibly once the children are older. Let them grow up in the house if you decide to keep it. You can start considering selling the house once they reach high school.

A very out-of-the-box option is to try nesting. You will need to get along well to try nesting as you both will still be living in the house with your children even after the divorce goes final.

If you are facing divorce in Fort Lauderdale, speak with an experienced divorce attorney about your situation. This is a legal issue that should not be encountered alone.

Source: U.S. News and World Report, "Divorcing? Should You Divorce Your Home, Too?," Geoff Williams, Oct. 11, 2017

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