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October 2017 Archives

Is divorce easier on infants?

It may be natural to think infants whose parents are divorcing have an easier time of things. In one way, that can be true because they grow up with their parents living apart. These children know nothing else.

The major issues that lead to divorce

Divorce is an all too common issue in Florida, which is not out of the norm for the country either. Couples that divorce do so for various reasons and not every divorce will mirror the ones that came before it. Here are the major issues that lead to divorce for most couples.

How do we make divorce as smooth as we can?

Going through a divorce can be a traumatic experience for anyone. It can be very difficult to endure a divorce when there are children from the marriage that is now coming to an end. Finding different ways to successfully navigate a divorce is important. That's why collaborative law has become so popular in Florida. So, what can you do to make divorce as smooth as possible?

Protecting retirement accounts in a high asset divorce

High asset divorces are common no matter where you live in Florida. They involve an incredible amount of money, property and collections. Couples headed for divorce can only do so much to protect their individual assets when getting divorced. In fact, if you don't have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place, you will have trouble preventing your assets from being divided.

Consider divorcing your home in a divorce

Getting a divorce is an incredibly difficult process, even for couples that have not been in sync for quite some time. The prospects of divorce can become even more difficult when you are more attached to the family home than to your spouse. Once divorce has been decided on, you will then need to figure out who stays in the house or if it will be sold.

How is credit card debt divided in a divorce?

It's not uncommon for couples to accumulate credit card debt during the life of their marriage. Even though debt is a problem in and of itself, it really becomes a problem when the couple decides that the marriage is no longer viable. So, how is a couple's credit card debt divided in a divorce?

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