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What you need to know about permanent alimony in Florida

If you are a wealthy man headed for divorce, you probably have a lot of concerns about your finances. One of your main worries might be alimony, especially if your wife has mostly stayed at home. How much is she going to fight for and how much will she get? 

You might have already heard something about permanent alimony. While it only happens under certain circumstances, it is possible you could end up in a permanent arrangement. Here is a look at what the court considers when deciding whether to order permanent spousal support in Florida and potential changes in the law. 

Core considerations

The two most pertinent factors when determining alimony are:

  1. Duration of the marriage
  2. Disparity in income

If you have only been married for five years, it is unlikely you will need to pay alimony long-term. Similarly, if you have been married for decades but your wife is a successful woman with a comparable income to yours, then you probably do not have to worry about it. But if your marriage features those two factors at the same time, it is a possibility. 

How it works

If the court orders permanent spousal support, it generally continues until one of you dies or remarries. However, there have also been recent changes in Florida family law that allow for the modification or termination of payments if the receiving spouse enters a cohabiting relationship with financial support. 

It might change someday

Advocates have made many attempts recently to reform Florida alimony law. However, it does not look like the law is changing anytime in the near future. The most recent reform proposal is now considered dead in the Legislature for the year, according to the Sun Sentinel. 

Those are the basic facts surrounding permanent alimony in Florida. Whether they apply to you depends on the specific circumstances of your marriage and divorce.



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