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Using collaborative law in child support cases

Child support cases are never one in the same. Each one is different from top to bottom, so it's never a good idea to listen to what your friends or family went through as you prepare for your own. There will likely be few similarities between the cases. Here's how you can use collaborative law in your child support case in Fort Lauderdale.

Parents who are not able to settle their disagreements over child support can turn to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This is where collaborative law comes into play for those in child support cases in Florida. ADR can be a very beneficial process for those involved in child support cases based on the willingness of both parties to work towards a solution and the degree of dispute the parties are at regarding the biggest issues.

If you take your child support case to ADR using collaborative law, you will likely enjoy a much less adversarial situation compared to heading to court with the other party. The attorneys for both sides will do their best to ensure that the negotiations remain calm, mature, and free of argumentative discussion.

The biggest benefit of using collaborative law in a child support case is that both parents and their attorneys help make the decisions, not the court, which will not know you personally or your situation.

Are you in the midst of a child support case with the other parent of your children? An experienced divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help guide you through the collaborative law process. Review our site today for more information.

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