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Using collaborative law in child custody cases

Collaborative law is a hot topic in the Sunshine State as new laws took effect recently that make it a viable option for handling a host of family law matters. Couples working through child custody cases now have an important method to use when trying to create an agreement.

Collaborative law falls under the category of alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), which are used most in cases involving child custody agreements. Collaborative law works best in child custody cases where parents have a high willingness to work together in an effort to resolve their issues. The process also works well when parents are in disagreement on some of the lesser issues involved in child custody compared to the major issues.

When meeting with the other parent of your child using collaborative law you will typically find that these meetings are much less contentious and more casual in nature. Because of a more relaxed setting, many parents find that collaborative law can help them reach an agreement much quicker.

The biggest benefit of using collaborative law to reach an agreement on child custody is the fact that the parents and their attorneys play active roles in making the decisions, not a third person, such as a judge. This benefit here is a big reason why so many child custody cases utilize collaborative law in Florida.

Are you involved in a child custody case in Fort Lauderdale? Visit our site to learn more about how our firm can help you use collaborative law to come to an agreement with your child's other parent.

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