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September 2017 Archives

Using collaborative law in child custody cases

Collaborative law is a hot topic in the Sunshine State as new laws took effect recently that make it a viable option for handling a host of family law matters. Couples working through child custody cases now have an important method to use when trying to create an agreement.

Florida official embroiled in high asset divorce case

A Florida official is embroiled in a high asset divorce case that seems to have her jockeying for her husband's money. The official, Clerk of Court Brenda D. Forman, works in Broward County. Her husband, Howard C. Forman, is a former politician in the state. He recently also served as Clerk of Court. He stepped down from the position and helped get his wife elected.

What are signs that divorce could be in your future?

Making sure a marriage is happy, healthy and loving can be more difficult for some couples than others. This doesn't mean that you've failed at being married. It just could be a sign that the marriage was not meant for you or your spouse at the time. So, what are some common signs that divorce could be in your future?

What you need to know about permanent alimony in Florida

If you are a wealthy man headed for divorce, you probably have a lot of concerns about your finances. One of your main worries might be alimony, especially if your wife has mostly stayed at home. How much is she going to fight for and how much will she get? 

Creating an estate plan for a second marriage

Marriage is such a fun time, even if it is your second or subsequent marriage. The planning can still be stressful, especially if you are getting married a second time. You likely put together an estate plan the first time around. You will want to do the same thing for the second marriage. It is just as important.

Using collaborative law in child support cases

Child support cases are never one in the same. Each one is different from top to bottom, so it's never a good idea to listen to what your friends or family went through as you prepare for your own. There will likely be few similarities between the cases. Here's how you can use collaborative law in your child support case in Fort Lauderdale.

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