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Items to include in a prenuptial agreement

As you prepare to get married in Florida you will want to take your time and smell the roses. Don't rush through the planning because you might miss something important, especially the creation of a prenuptial agreement. This is a document that can protect you and your soon-to-be spouse from plenty of anguish if the marriage were to end in divorce.

The first thing you should have the prenuptial agreement include is any property brought into the marriage is brought in as separate property and shall remain as such should you divorce. This helps to protect your sports memorabilia, collections, car, jewelery and other items that your spouse might want to go after in a divorce.

Gifts are an integral part of a marriage. Because of the attachment many have to items they are given by their spouse in marriage, the prenuptial agreement should outline that gifts received during the marriage remain separate property. This means that the gifts remain the property of the person who received them, not the person who gifted them.

The prenuptial agreement, in order to truly be effective, should define marital property. When a prenuptial agreement is not present, almost all property acquired after marriage is viewed as marital, even if it was acquired separately. You can avoid this issue by laying out in the document what will be viewed as marital property and separate property during the marriage.

Speaking with an experienced property division attorney in Fort Lauderdale prior to getting married can help you understand the importance of a prenuptial agreement and the effect it can have on a divorce and property division.

Source: PopSugar, "The Most Important Things to Put in Your Prenup (Including Items You Probably Didn't Think About)," July 05, 2017

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