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Differences between meditation and litigation in divorce

Couples headed for divorce in Fort Lauderdale should know the options they have for coming to an agreement on their terms. There are two main routes a couple can take when it comes to getting divorced; litigation and mediation. Both processes should involve the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney in order to ensure fairness for both parties.

The biggest benefit of mediation during a divorce is the fact that it occurs outside of the courtroom. You won't have to face a judge. You won't have to testify. You won't have to deal with facing a line of questioning. Mediation will be handled in a neutral room with you, your spouse and lawyers for both parties. A mediator will preside over the meetings under an agreement is reached.

The mediator's lone role is to listen to both parties and help them come to a decision. The mediator does not make a decision about the divorce for the parties involved. The mediator should have a background in issues surrounding divorce and how to come to solutions that can help couples reach agreements.

If both parties involved take mediation seriously, it's likely that litigation will be avoided altogether. Both parties are still in control during mediation even as the other raises issues he or she would like to discuss from the marriage.

If mediation is not the answer, or you have failed at it before, then litigation is your only other option. When you head for litigation, you might have to wait quite some time to be seen by a judge due to crowded courts. When you go the litigation route, your case can be postponed or delayed for various reasons.

An experienced divorce attorney can make the divorce process, whether through litigation or mediation, easier to handle for couples in Florida.

Source: HuffPost, "Why Choose Mediation Over Litigation?," Vikki Ziegler, July 18, 2017

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