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Worried your husband is hiding the boat? Here is what to do

When getting divorced in Florida, you and your spouse will divide your assets through equitable distribution. You both must identify all property, debts and income and determine what is separate or marital property. Marital property is then divided either by the court or by a mutual agreement between the two of you.

You might worry about losing some of your prized possessions in this process. What about the boat that you purchased during the marriage? Concerns like this become even more worrisome if your husband tries to hide the boat or other assets. Read below for signs your spouse is hiding assets and what to do about it.

How your husband might hide the boat

There are various ways to hide different assets in a divorce. When it comes to physical property like your boat, your husband may transfer it to a close friend or relative. If you are not aware of the whereabouts of the boat, this might be a warning sign your husband is trying to shield it from the property division process.

What you should do about it

You and your husband both must disclose financial information detailing income, assets, expenses and debts. If you suspect he is not being honest about the circumstances of the boat, you should utilize the discovery process to find out.

This is a legal process and may involve requesting a deposition or interrogatory. Your husband may also face penalties such as sanctions, fraud charges or perjury charges if he is not forthcoming and truthful about assets. 

It is illegal and unethical for anyone to hide assets during a divorce. Both of you deserve a fair division of assets acquired during the marriage. If you notice warning signs of your husband hiding the boat or other assets such as income or debts, you should speak to a family law attorney.

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