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Divorce mediation can help divide a couple's debt

Divorce can be one of the most emotional events in a person's life, even if he or she realized the marriage was over years ago. For some, divorce is inevitable. For others, it can be a difficult decision to come to, but necessary. When divorce happens, a couple will need to figure out how to divide their debt. Here's how divorce mediation can help.

Dividing debt for a couple involved in divorce proceedings can be disastrous. This is a very pretentious part of the negotiations and can even lead to massive arguments. Getting your lawyer involved is a great idea and should be done from the start, especially if the lawyer has experience with mediation. You don't want to get saddled with all the debt you accrued during your marriage as a couple.

When you sit down to negotiate the division of debt, try to split it down the middle as equally as possible. You can then transfer the debt to credit cards that are in each individual's names, not other joint credit cards. Make sure that the joint cards are then canceled so your former spouse does not rack up anymore debt in your name.

Prior to moving in this direction, make sure you file documentation with the court if you have separated from your spouse. The documentation should include information about current joint debt and the cards in both of your names. This can help prevent your spouse from accruing more debt in your name. If your spouse attempts to use these cards and increase the debt, the courts can put a stop to it.

Divorce mediation can make the division of debt during a divorce easier than you think. Make sure you have your attorney by your side when negotiating how to split the debt.

If you are on the road to divorce in Florida, a divorce attorney with experience in divorce mediation can help you reach a reasonable agreement when it comes to separating debt with your soon-to-be former spouse.

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