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May 2017 Archives

How a mediated divorce helps children

If a divorcing couple is able to work together well enough to choose mediation for their divorce rather than both hiring attorneys and possibly even ending up in court, it's the best choice for many reasons. Mediation can save money and time. It also allows couples more control over the ultimate outcome.

Retirement outlook for many people muddled by divorce

The retirement outlook for many people is muddled by divorce, according to an ongoing study by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America called "Women, Money and Power." The study has focused on women and divorce and so far has found that the majority of respondents who have gone through divorce say that it has created a financial problem.

How to resolve family conflict

Family conflicts can be devastating if left to fester. When family members cannot work out their differences, issues can boil to the surface and lead to massive fights. Many family conflicts occur after the death of a parent, a divorce or other life changing event. Here are some tips for resolving family conflict in Florida.

Florida Supreme Court rules on marriage property dispute

The Florida Supreme Court recently issued an opinion on a case involving marriage property dispute. The ruling is awaiting final decision. The court ruled that there was intent of action by the husband in the divorce of a couple that married in 1987 and filed for divorce in 2010.

The benefits of mediation

If the relationship between you and your ex-spouse is not especially acrimonious, you may want to consider taking part in mediation as opposed to a traditional courtroom divorce. Mediation occurs when you and your soon-to-be former spouse sit down with an unbiased third party in a private location to hash out issues and allocate assets. Rather than act as a judge, the mediator is there to offer impartial guidance and assist you and the other party as you plan for your lives apart from one another.  

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