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April 2017 Archives

How to determine the value of artwork

Art valuation is a specific subset of financial valuation. It is the process of estimating the market value of artwork. Most artwork undergoes valuation prior to a divorce or complex division of property. Artwork valuation is done using resources from private collectors, auction houses, corporate collectors, gallery owners, curators and consultants.

How to avoid common divorce disasters

Divorce is a word thousands of people utter each year. It is a word many don't ever want to hear their significant others say. But, it is a sad part of life. With so many marriages ending in divorce, one can only prepare for this life event by trying to limit or avoid disasters that could arise.

New set of rules introduced for Florida family law court

A new set of rules and procedures has been introduced for Florida family law court by the Florida Supreme Court. The rules created are aimed at simplifying the various processes of family law in the state. They also created new procedures and rules for issues brought in front of family court.

Protecting your child’s 529 account in your divorce

Your impending divorce may have you counting the years that you will be receiving child support for your teen. That same number typically also indicates the amount of time you have left to build your child’s 529 college savings account. While planning for college can be tricky enough for a couple with a combined income, putting back enough money as a single parent may be much more challenging. Your teen’s future may depend on whether you and the other parent can work together.

How is grey divorce different from traditional divorce?

When a couples who are later in life choose to divorce, the process presents specific complications that younger divorcing couples may not need to consider. So called "grey divorce" refers to divorces between spouses who are about 65 years old or older, and requires special consideration from all parties involved to ensure a fair, tenable settlement.

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