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Visitation plans for Florida child custody cases

Child custody can be a hot button topic for many divorcing couples that don't seem to get along well. For couples that can find common ground, visitation plans are a great way to schedule which parent will have the children at certain times of the week.

Time-sharing is the term used by the state of Florida when it comes to child custody. It is used more than visitation rights. When you submit a parenting plan to the court in a child custody case you must also include a time-sharing schedule with it. This schedule must show the times that the child spends with each parent.

The time-sharing schedule must show the following:

- A residential schedule or every day schedule that shows when the child is with each parent on weekdays or weekends.

- A holiday schedule that shows which parent the child is with during holidays.

- A summer break schedule that shows when the child is with each parent during the summer months.

Items both parents should consider when creating a time-sharing schedule include:

- Working together to create a schedule that is liked by both parents.

- A schedule that provides the child with continuing and frequent contact with both parents.

- The age of the child determines how long and how frequent the visits are scheduled with each parent.

- Typically, all the children should stay together when time-sharing occurs.

- The court will create a time-sharing schedule should the parents not be able to do so.

There is no standard time-sharing schedule that the state of Florida uses when issuing a schedule for parents who cannot come to an agreement on their own. Under the parenting coordination program, the court will provide the parents with a mediator who will help guide them towards an agreement on a schedule before heading to court.

Visit our page today to learn more about visitation plans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and how collaborative law can help your child custody case.

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