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The benefits of divorce mediation in Florida

For some couples, divorce is inevitable. Because of this, both parties must be prepared for a tough battle over money, property and even children. Not every divorce will be uncontested. For those that are contested, divorce mediation is an excellent option for couples that just can't seem to agree on anything. Here are some benefits of divorce mediation in Florida.

Divorce mediation is convenient for both sides of the table. You cannot control when court dates are assigned, but when you head to mediation, you can schedule the meetings with your spouse at your leisure. If the two of you want to meet once per week, once per month, twice per month; it can all be decided by the couple.

Mediation is durable. You are more likely to not follow a court order issued by a judge because you might not agree with it than what you come up with in mediation. Because mediation allows both parties involved to come to their own terms, you are more likely to follow through on your agreements.

Mediation is empowering for the parties involved as well. You and your spouse control mediation compared to having the proceedings controlled by a judge in a courtroom. This helps both people involved feel empowered and in control of the situation, even if you are having trouble agreeing on different aspects of the divorce.

The sessions for mediation are short, anywhere from two to three hours at a time. Mediation can also be completed within three to 12 sessions. This is much less of a time commitment compared to taking your divorce to the courts.

The intimate details of your relationship remain private in mediation, because the process is private. Court is a very public entity and a lot of dirty laundry can be aired in court in front of quite a few strangers.

To learn more about divorce mediation and how collaborative law can help you during a divorce in Florida, read through our web pages on alternative dispute resolution.

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