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Explaining full disclosure for a high asset divorce

Full disclosure is a very important aspect of a high asset divorce in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is in your best interests to fully disclose all of your financials when dealing with a high asset divorce from your spouse.

When divorcing in the state of Florida, both spouses are required by the court to fully disclose their financial records using a financial affidavit. This includes the disclosure of the following during a high asset divorce:

-- Real property

-- Personal property

-- Retirement accounts

-- Household furnishings

-- Bank accounts

-- Antiques

-- Collectables

-- Business interests

-- Stock options

-- Artwork, antiques or collectibles

-- Any other forms of property and/or income

When a spouse does not completely disclose his or her financial information during high asset divorce in Florida, he or she is acting unethically and could face issues in court.

The spouse requesting the financial information can use a couple of different methods to receive the information he or she seeks. The first is a deposition. This takes place outside of the courtroom, but in front of a court reporter because it is an official meeting. The spouse seeking information can ask all types of questions of his or her spouse to find lies or misinformation.

If the situation comes down to it, a subpoena can be filed for financial documents. Subpoenas require the recipient to send the information named in the legal document. If they do not comply, further legal action can be taken. A subpoena can be sent to a bank, an employer or another financial institute during a high asset divorce.

You can also file a request for admission. This form puts your spouse on the hook for either disclosing certain financial information or trying to hide it still. If he or she decides to hide the information, or lie about it, and it is proven later, the spouse could face further legal action.

To learn more about high asset divorce and full disclosure, please take a few moments to visit our many web pages on the topics. .

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