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February 2017 Archives

What happens to your pets when you divorce?

You may think of Fluffy and Sunshine as members of your family. Maybe they are even like your own children. However, Florida law decrees that pets are considered personal property, although a law change in Alaska that determines custody of pets based on their well-being may soon spread to other states.

The benefits of divorce mediation in Florida

For some couples, divorce is inevitable. Because of this, both parties must be prepared for a tough battle over money, property and even children. Not every divorce will be uncontested. For those that are contested, divorce mediation is an excellent option for couples that just can't seem to agree on anything. Here are some benefits of divorce mediation in Florida.

Explaining divorce mediation in Florida

Divorce has become commonplace in Florida these days, with thousands of couples ending their marriages each year. Not all divorces will end amicably, with both parties agreeing right down the line on everything proposed by either spouse. When the arguments and disagreements occur, it can be downright difficult to come to terms on the divorce. Your last resort will be divorce mediation.

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