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You can find your spouse's hidden assets

If you're getting a divorce, one of the things you might be interest in is if your spouse is hiding assets. Hidden assets need to be uncovered, so you get your fair share out of your marriage. No person should hide any assets during divorce, and if your spouse does, you may be able to make it work to your benefit.

Having a secret stash of money could seem like a good idea if your spouse expected that you'd get a divorce, but that money has to be accounted for. That money is a community asset, and it's something you are partially entitled to.

How can you look for assets if you think that your spouse is hiding them? First, look for an electronic trail. Look at your bank accounts and note any transactions you don't recognize. Go through your internet browser and look at your spouse's social media pages. Look for any clues that might show that he or she is hiding something.

An attorney can also help you find assets that have been hidden. With the technological advances present today, it's easier than ever to find missing assets. Advanced software programs used by some attorneys can identify unusual transactions or anomalies that you weren't aware of and that could help you find the hidden stash of money. Sometimes, it's illegal to uncover information through these investigations, so the evidence might not be admissible. Even if that's the case, you can potentially still use what you've found as leverage and could be able to gain critical admissible evidence in the process. Our website has more on what you need to do when you're dividing your property.

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