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Tips for planning a vacation with your kids

This time of year, many divorced Florida parents are making plans for holiday vacations with their kids. Whether you're planning on a short vacation to Key West, a Disney cruise or a ski trip to Austria, it's essential to make sure that your co-parent knows about your travel plans and that they don't violate your custody agreement or parenting plan.

Once you have the OK from you ex, you and your children can start planning your holiday adventure. Don't put them in the middle of a battle with their other parent.

Documentation is key to any travel plans with your kids – - whether you're staying in-state or traveling abroad. If you have a shared parenting calendar, make sure that the dates and itinerary are on it. If there's any communication with your ex about the tip, whether written or via email or text, be sure to save it.

Ensure that there is no stipulation in your custody agreement about taking your child out of state or abroad. If there is, and your ex is willing to waive that, talk with your attorney to ensure that you have the appropriate documentation showing that he or she has agreed to an exception.

If you're planning a trip abroad, make sure that your kids have valid passports. Parents and guardians can ask the State Department to notify them if a passport application is filed for a child. and may have the ability to deny it. Therefore, it's important to work that out with your ex before you start getting your kids excited about a holiday abroad.

Whenever parents take their kids on vacation, whether for a weekend or a multi-week holiday, it's a good idea if the co-parent knows where they are and how to get in touch with them if necessary. The more information and communication you provide, the less likely the other parent is to worry and try to constantly contact the kids during your time with them.

If you run into problems scheduling a vacation with your kids, whether it's within the details of the custody agreement or not, you should contact your family law attorney to help ensure that these problems don't occur in the future. That will help prevent future conflicts that can ruin your children's vacation.

Source: Our Family Wizard, "Traveling With Kids After Divorce," accessed Dec. 07, 2016

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