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December 2016 Archives

Why an online appraisal isn't the best choice for your home

You might think that an online appraisal can save you money and get you an answer quickly. While that might be true, an online appraisal can actually falsely inflate your home's value, and that can seriously impact your divorce.

You can use mediation to resolve your divorce more easily

You likely got married thinking you'd stay together forever, but if you and your partner are splitting, then you are among many individuals in the United States who go through the same situation every year. Over 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce within the first five years; around half of all marriages end within 20, according to the 2006 through 2010 National Survey of Family Growth.

Don't compare your divorce settlement with anyone else's

This time of year, most people are doing more socializing than usual. This involves office Christmas parties, holiday soirees with friends and school holiday functions. If you're going through a divorce, you'll likely find no end of well-meaning advice from people you barely know as well as stories of other people's divorces.

Don't put your child in the middle of your divorce

Out of everyone involved in a divorce, it's most often children who get caught in the middle. They have to learn to cope with their parents splitting up while also dealing with their own anger and frustration. They are young, so they are not prepared for these complex emotions, and they may not have the experience needed to deal with the feelings they have.

How can you protect your inheritance in case of divorce?

When people go into a marriage with a large inheritance or receive one during the marriage, many use it for the good of the couple and their family. They may buy a house, pay off debt or put it into an investment or savings account.

How to handle gifts that your ex gave your child

The holidays are approaching, so now is a fitting time to discuss what to do when gifts from your ex to your child lead to conflicts. For example, it is a sticky situation if your child has a new iPad but you prefer that the little one not use electronics at your house yet. Or what if your ex gives your child a gift that simply seems too extravagant or not age appropriate?

Tips for planning a vacation with your kids

This time of year, many divorced Florida parents are making plans for holiday vacations with their kids. Whether you're planning on a short vacation to Key West, a Disney cruise or a ski trip to Austria, it's essential to make sure that your co-parent knows about your travel plans and that they don't violate your custody agreement or parenting plan.

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