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The advantages of a collaborative divorce

When some couples decide that their marriages are no longer workable, they do realize that the two of them can still cooperate to determine issues of property division, spousal and child support and child visitation and custody. For them, a collaborative divorce can save time, money and stress.

In collaborative divorces, each spouse still has his or her own attorney. Each attorney is there to protect his or her client's interests. The couple may also bring in neutral professionals, paid by both spouses. These often include a financial advisor to help them work out the financial details and a fair property division.

Neutral mental health professionals may be involved as well. They help ensure that things stay on track and that emotions don't get in the way of reaching a settlement that's best for everyone.

Generally, a collaborative divorce consists of a number of meetings involving the couple, their attorneys and the neutral professionals. The goal of a collaborative divorce is to resolve issues in a manner that's satisfactory to both parties rather than for one person or the other to "win."

Collaborative divorce isn't for everyone. Sometimes, animosity and other feelings are just too strong for a couple to be able to work together in this environment. However, when couples can do this, it provides a number of advantages, including:

-- Lower costs

-- Less stress, both on the couple and their children

-- More privacy, because the details of the divorce aren't public record

-- Greater control over their decisions than if they're put in the hands of a judge

-- A more timely resolution to the divorce

If you and your spouse think that you can make this work, Florida family law attorneys who are trained and experienced in collaborative law can help you move through the process as smoothly as possible while helping ensure that you get a fair and satisfactory settlement.

Source: The Tennesseean, "Collaborative divorce can reduce tension and cost," Scott Womack, accessed Nov. 20, 2016

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