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Putting your child first is your job as a parent

Can two people who get a divorce act like parents for the sake of their children even if they don't get along? Even when separated, it can be hard to work with your ex or estranged spouse when it comes to what's right for your child. Each of you may think you have what is in your child's best interest at heart, but your child's life isn't a game of tug and war.

Mediators who talk to parents often say that they need to talk to each other and listen. Rash decisions can cause discontent and upset a child's life. Parents need to seek alternative solutions when they can't agree and overcome their problems by negotiating with one another.

The child's needs always have to be put above each individual parent's feelings, even though each person may feel that the child wants what he or she wants. It's important to keep a united front for your child's sake instead of creating a rupture in the child-parent relationship. You should encourage your child to have a solid, healthy relationship with your ex, his or her other parent, even if you aren't completely satisfied with that arrangement.

Parents who work in a unified front for their children's sake create a more normal atmosphere for their children to grow up in. These children won't feel like they are from a broken home, because each parent took time to focus on what was right for them. Our website has more information about working together and coming up with a plan for your child's care.

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