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Divorce mediation can help you settle your divorce

Divorce mediation can be helpful in cases where you and your spouse don't get along but may be able to work out your differences through a mediator. It's an alternative that keeps your information out of court, keeping your divorce more private than if you allowed a judge to determine your asset division or child custody arrangements.

Divorce mediation can help a couple who created most of a settlement negotiate the last of the terms, or it can be used to start the negotiation process and work out things like spousal support, asset division or parenting plans.

With divorce mediation, a neutral third party works with you and your spouse to talk about potential options and how they could affect each of you. By helping you understand the potential legal ramifications of the things you suggest, you and your spouse come out of the mediation session with a better understanding of the law. On top of this, mediation can help you both settle on an agreement that you both can live with, even if it's not perfect.

Mediation works best for reasonable people who can aim to work together despite their differences, but that doesn't mean that couples who find it hard to negotiate can't use it. A mediator might take some of the aggression out of the situation by discussing real options that neither of you might have thought of.

Mediation can work for couples, and if you're considering it, you maybe want to do so early in your divorce. Our website has more information on how mediation can help.

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