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November 2016 Archives

Beachfront property trades hands for $29.45 million

When couples get a divorce, all assets tend to need to be divided, unless the pair has a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that states otherwise. It's not clear exactly what happened in this case, but when one partner wants to keep a home and the other does not, it's normal to buy out the person who isn't keeping the asset. In this case, that led to the transfer of a very expensive property.

Jurisdiction can impact the outcome in military divorces

Florida is home to a number of military bases. Many service members and their families who spend time stationed here move around considerably -- within the U.S. as well as abroad. While Florida may be their home for a time, they don't consider it their home state. Likewise, many Floridians are stationed at bases in other states and abroad.

The advantages of a collaborative divorce

When some couples decide that their marriages are no longer workable, they do realize that the two of them can still cooperate to determine issues of property division, spousal and child support and child visitation and custody. For them, a collaborative divorce can save time, money and stress.

Divorce mediation can help you settle your divorce

Divorce mediation can be helpful in cases where you and your spouse don't get along but may be able to work out your differences through a mediator. It's an alternative that keeps your information out of court, keeping your divorce more private than if you allowed a judge to determine your asset division or child custody arrangements.

Don't rely on amateur financial advice during your divorce

When you're going through a divorce, it may seem as though every family member, friend and work colleague has advice for you. Much of this is financial advice. Professional financial advisors say that they spend a good deal of time convincing their clients that the information they've received from people in their social circle is inaccurate and potentially detrimental to their financial future.

The benefits of a private bank account in case of divorce

If you've just gotten married, you probably aren't thinking about divorce just yet. If you have thought it over and are thinking about the fact that you don't want to be left with nothing in case that your marriage does goes south, you maybe considering keeping a private fund that could help you in an emergency. Is this a good idea though?

Is your spouse hiding assets? Know the warning signs.

In some cases, divorce brings out the best in both spouses. They work together, perhaps through mediation or their lawyers, to reach fair agreements on issues such as child custody and property division. In many scenarios, however, people behave less than ideally during divorce. In some cases, their fears or heightened emotions may cause them to hide property.

Unique considerations for people divorcing after 50

Many couples who head to South Florida to spend their retirement years or buy a home with the plan of retiring here decide they'd rather spend these latter years of their lives unmarried. While the overall divorce rate has been declining, the number of couples in their 50s and older who are divorcing has been rising.

Putting your child first is your job as a parent

Can two people who get a divorce act like parents for the sake of their children even if they don't get along? Even when separated, it can be hard to work with your ex or estranged spouse when it comes to what's right for your child. Each of you may think you have what is in your child's best interest at heart, but your child's life isn't a game of tug and war.

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