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You can use mediation to resolve your divorce

Going through a divorce is hard if you can get along, but if you can't, it's downright difficult. It's emotionally painful and draining to go through a divorce, but if you can work together, it will go much smoother than if you don't.

Even if you struggle to work together, mediation is an option. Mediation has several advantages. For one thing, it can reduce the overall cost of your divorce. If you contest a divorce, your bill will be significantly higher than if you can work together to do much of the work of your divorce together. Uncontested divorces cost less to start with, and you may be able to share the cost.

Working together in mediation could reduce the emotional toll of divorce, too. Instead of making the divorce a competition, mediation helps you come to mutual agreements and resolutions.

Mediation can help you after the divorce, too. You may have ongoing concerns like child custody or spousal support to discuss, so mediation sessions can help you work together and take the emotion out of the equation. Mediation helps create a space to discuss decisions with level heads, which is something you can benefit from at any stage of a relationship.

Finally, what could be most important is that the mediation sessions could reduce the length of your divorce, helping you move on faster. With the help you need to get through disputes, you can resolve issues and move on to more important aspects of your life. Our website has more information about mediation and other ways you can work together to finalize your divorce.

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