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Valuable art at center of Florida divorce

In some high asset divorces, one or both spouses may attempt to hide assets in order to avoid dividing them. That's the accusation by Gina DiSabatino, a Florida socialite who has been in divorce proceedings with her husband Frederic Bouin, an art dealer for two years. DiSabatino claims that her husband is hiding works of art by such masters as Picasso, Monet and Matisse.

DiSabatino says that her husband has been aided by a members of a family well known in the art dealing world -- namely Joe and David Nahmad. The two reportedly failed to appear for scheduled depositions. She is asking a judge to jail the two because, according to court documents, they have "relevant, material and necessary information that is essential to [DiSabatino] learning what the marital assets are so that she can seek fair distribution." At least one other witness has reportedly failed to appear in order to be deposed.

One of the attorneys for the Nahmads claims that DiSabatino's call for them to face jail time is "a case of the wife issuing subpoeanas to all of the husband's associates, neighbors, first, second, and third cousins, everyone under the sun."

DiSabatino has accused her husband of physical and verbal threats. He was fined and given probation. He pleaded no contest to harassment.

During a divorce, it's essential that both parties fully and truthfully disclose all of their assets as well as their debts. It may be worthwhile to hire a forensic accountant to worth with you and your attorney to help ensure that all marital assets are put on the table so that they can be fairly divided.

Source: Forbes, "Florida Socialite Tries to Have Art Dealing Nahmads Thrown in Jail," Brian Boucher, July 12, 2016

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