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Helpful tips for telling kids about divorce

They say a divorce can be as traumatic as a person's death. If this is true, then children will likely take the news hard. But when people with children decide to end their marriage, they may no longer want to be husband and wife, but they do not cease to be parents.

Because of this, parents should take their children's feelings seriously, because their well-being should still be of the utmost concern. This post will provide some tips about of how children can (and should) be told about a divorce.

Tell the kids together - A united front may be best when breaking the news, since the kids may have a number of questions about where they will live, where the other parent will live and how often they will be able to spend time with the other parent.

Make time together special - If you are the parent who leaves the family home, you may feel as if you can't go home again. But this does not mean that you should abandon the kids. After all, you are still a parent, even if you are not the primary custodial parent. With that, you have to remember that the kids still look at you as a parent and they may miss you.

Respect the other parent - It may be tempting to tell the kids about how terrible the other parent is, but it is not advisable. After all, family court judges expect parents to use decorum around the kids, so they are not hurt when they hear hurtful things about a parent they love.

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