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Do you really need a Florida divorce attorney?

Increasingly, Florida couples are opting not to have a litigated divorce. For couples without minor children and/or those who don't have substantial assets to divide, this can be a simpler, faster, more cost-effective choice if they're able to work out issues of property division amicably without each retaining an attorney.

In a mediated divorce, couples work out the issues involved with the dissolution of their marriage together, with the help of a trained mediator.

Of course, not all couples are in a place emotionally where they can reach a settlement together. Feelings of anger, resentment and betrayal can impact your ability to work together and to make good decisions for yourself.

Further, if there are considerable assets involved or if you need spousal support until you can take care of yourself on your own financially, it's important to have an attorney advising you of what your rights are and fighting to get you what you need. If you don't get a fair settlement at the outset, the ramifications to your life can be long-lasting.

If there are children involved, it's essential to work out a custody and visitation arrangement, as well as a child support agreement, that's in the best interests of the kids. It can be difficult to foresee every circumstance that will lie ahead as the two of you co-parent your children in the coming years. Again, the agreements that you make will have long-lasting impacts -- for you and your children.

Divorce may be simpler in some ways for older couples whose children are grown. However, they generally have more assets than younger couples. They also need to be careful about how they divide up their retirement accounts, since they'll need to access those funds before long. Social Security issues may also need to be addressed.

There's no one-size-fits-all divorce solution that fits every couple. However, if you have considerable assets, are going to need financial support or have children, it's essential to have a Florida attorney who will help you protect your rights and get a settlement that will allow you to move on as easily as possible to this next phase of your life.

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