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Amending prenup agreements: When and how

A prenuptial agreement is a way individuals planning to marry can, for instance, protect and classify certain property in the event of a future conflict. But, because of the countless changes life brings, such agreements can easily become outdated even months from the initiation of the agreement.

Fortunately, prenuptial agreements can be modified to reflect the current needs of the parties involved-with certain caveats.

There are a myriad of situations that involve the need to alter a prenuptial agreement. There's practically an exhaustive list but many often relate to:

  • The decision to have children and related financial aspects
  • Career decisions, including postponement or change in a job
  • A medical condition of one of the parties

Individuals can modify an existing prenuptial agreement, however, it should be done with the help of an experienced family law attorney. There are specific formalities and procedures typically involved with amending marital contracts. Without legal help, its validation could be in jeopardy if a conflict were to arise at a later date.

If they prefer, parties can also terminate an existing prenup if a modification isn't preferred. However, it's important to note that destroying the document by the parties isn't sufficient. By law, a written and signed contract to end a prenuptial agreement is required to formally dissolve the original agreement.

Again, the help of a legal professional in this instance is advised.

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