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April 2016 Archives

Special considerations for people divorcing after 50

Our readers have likely heard the statistic that the divorce rate among couples in their 50s and older is increasing. If you are 50 or older, you need to consider a number of things younger people don't have to worry about when they divorce in order to help protect your financial security as a newly-single person.

Dealing with your children's questions about your divorce

For parents who decide to divorce, one of the most difficult things they have to deal with his answering their children's questions. Most of these questions are actually fairly easy to predict. Therefore, it's important for you and your spouse to have answers ready. It's always best if you and your spouse can talk to your children about this together, or at least have consistent responses to their questions.

Why you can't check your spouse's credit report

You're contemplating divorce, or you think that your spouse is. One of the things that you may be concerned about is your spouse's financial situation. Is he or she in serious debt that you don't know about? Is there money in accounts that you're not aware of.

The advantages of a collaborative or mediated divorce

Divorce is always painful on some level, but it doesn't have to be an acrimonious, drawn-out, expensive process. Increasingly, spouses are striving to work together to come up with a fair financial settlement and a custody and visitation agreement that keeps the children's best interests in mind. These couples often choose a collaborative divorce or mediation.

Can your divorce actually make your child a better person?

Many divorcing parents are understandably concerned about the effect of the break-up on their children — not just in childhood and adolescence, but when they become adults. One divorce attorney who is also a therapist offers some insights based on her professional experience, as well as her life as a divorced mom and the child of divorced parents, that may be reassuring.

Amending prenup agreements: When and how

A prenuptial agreement is a way individuals planning to marry can, for instance, protect and classify certain property in the event of a future conflict. But, because of the countless changes life brings, such agreements can easily become outdated even months from the initiation of the agreement.

'Panama Papers' reveal attempts to hide money amid divorce

The leak of the so-called "Panama Papers" has sent ripples of fear among the rich and powerful around the world who have been keeping their wealth hidden from tax collectors and others in offshore accounts. Some of these others include spouses and ex-spouses.

Which assets are 'mine'? Which assets are 'ours'?

When two people get married, they merge their lives and their assets. When they get divorced, they need to separate themselves as well as these shared assets. Unfortunately, too many people expect the separation of these things to be just as simple as the merging likely was, but that is not necessarily true.

What is collaborative law?

Many times we see divorce represented in movies and the media in the worst of ways. Full out battles in court and disputes that drag on for years are the common representation we are used to. But that doesn’t have to be the way your divorce goes. In fact, there are several options for you in terms of how you guys want to come to an agreement.

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