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How quickly can I finalize my divorce?

When clients come in to discuss their intent to file divorce, one of the top questions that many individuals ask is about duration. They wonder how long the divorce will take. It’s an understandable question as most people want to get through this not-so-fun process as quickly as possible. Having the legal process drag on can also tie up a lot of money and hold back your opportunity to move on with your life.

So how long does a divorce take? As most probably realize, it depends on the individual case. Each case has its own set of unique circumstances that need to be taken into account. Our readers can understand that a divorce with no children and no real estate can progress a lot quicker than a divorce that includes multiple children, a home, investments and three vehicles.

In general, there are a few things that can hold up a divorce. First off, if the two individuals are not getting along and the right paperwork is not being exchanged in a timely fashion, this can hold things up. If your attorney asks the other party for documentation and they refuse to give it, your attorney may have to file a motion with the court that could take several months to resolve.

Similarly, an abundance of paperwork related to the case may mean having to sort through all of it and maybe even bring in financial experts who will go through the paperwork in order to discover assets.

And last, but certainly not least, the court system itself can hold up a divorce. Court hearings may be scheduled months out if the family court system in your area is dealing with a lot of cases.

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