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How do people feel about divorce?

People are fascinated with statistics. There are statistics collected on just about every topic you can imagine. Perhaps one of the most interesting topics that people wonder about has to do with relationships. What do people think about different types of relationships? Have their feelings changed about different relationships? How have the numbers shifted over time when it comes to marriage and divorce?

A recent poll asked questions about couples living together before getting married and gay relationships, as well as divorce. It seems that although people are becoming more comfortable with gay relationships and with couples living together before marriage, they are becoming less comfortable with the idea of divorce.

According to the poll, which is periodically done by the government, 39 percent of men and 38 percent of women felt that divorce was the best option when a marriage was rocky. This is down from 44 percent and 47 percent a decade ago respectively. The questions were asked to thousands of younger adults and teenagers.

While the poll shows a shift from a decade ago, there may be some good explanations for the shift. For one thing, the questions were asked near a time when the nation was dealing with an economic downturn. During this time, couples may not have had the money to divorce and live separately.

Also, marriage rates are currently down as a whole and those who do get married are often older and more likely to want to stick it out.

No matter what society thinks of divorce, the individual cases are what matter. People divorce for very personal and unique reasons and their decision should not be based on statistics.

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