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Woman explains how parents’ divorce was a blessing

Many people stay together for their children. While this choice is commendable, we all know couples that would likely bring more benefit to their children if they were divorced than if they lived together. Growing up in a situation where parents are constantly fighting or ignoring each other can actually have a negative effect on a child’s life.

In a recent article, one woman explained why she is grateful for her parents’ divorce. Although there has been a lot of research out there as to how divorce can negatively impact a child, the woman says her parents’ divorce has helped her become who she is.

She explained that the divorce allowed her to become more adaptable. While some may say that it is stressful for a child to have to live in two different families, the woman points out that it helped her see that there are more than just one set of values in the world. She was exposure to many different beliefs and different types of people, which has made her more adaptable.

Another benefit is that the woman got to know her parents for the individuals they are. She explained that when her parents were together, even post-divorce, their negative dynamic would consume who they were as individuals.

The woman says their divorce also allows her to have healthier relationships. In many ways, seeing your parents make the decision to split allows you to analyze your own relationships and to quickly understand when one has become toxic. It also helps you realize that marriage is not a fairytale.

Finally, she says Louis CK’s well-known quote is absolutely true: “Divorce is always good news. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true, because no good marriage has ever ended in divorce.” She was happy that she never had to really see her parents being miserable together. While divorce can be initially stressful, being around parents who constantly fight can have long-term effects.

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