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February 2016 Archives

Could a divorce loan help your case?

A recent news article touches on a very important topic. There are many situations where one spouse is the moneymaker in the relationship and the other spouse has given up their career to stay home with children. During the many years of the marriage the spouse who is working may move up through the ranks and start earning a very large salary. At the same time the non-monied spouse continues to take care of the children and the home.

How does alimony help?

There are many sides to the alimony argument in Florida. While it is understandable that some individuals do not want to pay alimony, or at least not on a long-term basis, there are definitely those spouses out there that need the support as they begin to navigate their post-divorce life.

Florida State University creates new online co-parenting program

Many parents tread lightly when it comes to the topic of divorce for fear of how it will affect the children. That action alone shows that parents have some understanding of what it means to put the needs of your children first during and after a divorce. But even parents with the best intentions might not have every tool they need in their parenting toolbox in order to be the best parent they can be during the divorce and after it is finalized.

Will Florida alimony and child custody laws soon change?

We’ve talked about it time and time again – there’s a large push in our state for various changes in divorce law. No matter what area of law we are talking about, laws are constantly changing and new cases set a precedent for cases in the future. While someone who is working on completing a divorce without the help of a lawyer may think they know everything there is to know about divorce law, that may not be the case as things are constantly changing when it comes to family law in the state of Florida.

Woman explains how parents’ divorce was a blessing

Many people stay together for their children. While this choice is commendable, we all know couples that would likely bring more benefit to their children if they were divorced than if they lived together. Growing up in a situation where parents are constantly fighting or ignoring each other can actually have a negative effect on a child’s life.

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