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What documents do I need to collect for my divorce?

When filing for divorce, the amount of paperwork that may be involved can seem daunting. If you aren’t sure what paperwork you need to collect in order to file, reach out to your attorney. An experienced attorney will walk you through the process and help you understand what documents will be important to your case.

If you own real estate, any documentation related to that property will be important during the divorce. That may include mortgage statements, documents that detail the initial purchase of the property, tax assessor’s statements, and a legal description of the real estate.

It is also important to collect any paperwork that relates to your checking and savings accounts. These may include passbooks, savings certificates or statements from the past two years. The same goes for any pension funds, 401K plans and retirement funds.

The lawyer may also ask you for a list of all debts that belong to you and your spouse, whether they are credit cards, loans or medical bills.

Income statements will be a big part of your document collection. You will need paystubs from both individuals, tax returns for the past few years, any check ledgers, and any other documents that detail other sources of income.

Don’t forget the documentation that relates to any life insurance policies you may have. Those will be important when dividing assets. Finally, other large assets such as boats and cars will need to be considered. If there are any documents that show outstanding debt related to these assets, those will be important as well.

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