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Times have changed regarding child custody in Florida and beyond

In decades past, it was typical for the average Florida family to consist of a mother who stayed home, full-time, to raise her children and a father who worked full-time to provide for the temporal needs of his family. In today's world, some households follow the traditional path with the father as primary breadwinner and mother as homemaker, while others include both parents working outside the home to earn full-time salaries. Such changes in family dynamics have also led to changes in the way the courts view child custody issues.

Gone are the days when a court automatically rules that a mother should be granted full custody of her children after divorce. It is much more common in current times for courts to be of the opinion that both parents should be as much a part of their children's lives as possible. Thus, equal time sharing between parents is often thought to be in a child's best interest unless proof exists that suggests otherwise.

The Law Offices of Barry I Finkel, P.A., have been helping Florida families for 30 years navigate the divorce process and attempt to obtain peaceable and agreeable solutions to legal issues involving children. Matters concerning the future care and upbringing of children after a marital split can be intensely emotional and difficult to negotiate without legal intervention. Our law firm is dedicated to addressing the needs of the entire family while protecting our clients' best interests in court.

Florida law does not presume that all child custody issues should be resolved by granting mothers full custody after divorce. The Law Offices of Barry I Finkel, P.A., understand that times have changed, and most children are better able to adapt after divorce by spending equal amounts of time with both parents. We are committed to helping you protect and exercise your rights and obtain results that best suit your needs and those of your children.

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