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Finding legal help regarding child custody of special needs children

Florida parents who divorce typically face a number of challenges as their families strive to adapt to new lifestyles. When a situation involves children with special needs, the legal challenges particular to child custody issues and other matters may seem daunting. Those facing such issues may find experienced legal advice key to achieving a positive outcome.

In terms of custody, there are typically several types. Physical custody pertains to a child's permanent residence, whereas legal custody involves decision-making authority. A parent with legal custody is typically able to make decisions on a child's behalf regarding medical care, religion and education. Children with special needs often have need of frequent visits to doctors' offices and meetings with educational evaluators and other specialists. Therefore, it is crucial that a parent being awarded legal custody be available to facilitate important meetings or needed assistance on short notice.

Marriages that include caring for children with special needs are not always able to withstand the pressures involved in such care. The expenses and requirements for the physical and emotional upkeep of a situation may simply be too much for some marital relationships. However, all parents want what is best for their children, and a parent whose marriage has come to an end will still want to make certain that issues of custody and visitation are decided with the child's best interests at heart.

Any Florida parent with concerns about the law regarding child custody issues involving a special needs child can contact a family law attorney in the area. An experienced attorney would be able to review an individual situation in order to help determine how best to proceed to achieve a resolution. A parent's rights would be protected and a child's best interests preserved by having a legal advocate act on one's behalf in court.

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