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Why is it important to determine paternity?

When two individuals are happily married and give birth to a child, most people assume that the two married individuals are the biological parents of that child. While in many cases that is the case, it certainly isn’t always the case. In some cases, even when a couple is married, the man in the relationship may doubt that he is the true father of the child. In a marriage or relationship, this may happen if infidelity is suspected. This may also happen if two individuals are not even in a relationship.

In terms of law, the presumption is that the mother is the guardian in any paternity case. The issue that needs to be determined is whether the man involved is the biological father of the child. That answer will determine whether the man has any legal and financial responsibilities in regards to the child. If he is determined to be the father, that will also allow him to assert any rights to see his child.

If paternity is established, the father can seek to share parenting time or establish visitation rights. At the same time, the mother can also seek child support from the individual.

Although some may think that paternity cases only involve celebrities or famous athletes, that is definitely not the case. Many Florida families have had to work through these complex claims at one time or another. The topic of paternity can bring up a lot of conflict as it relates to financial obligations and the responsibility of raising a child, so it is important to seek legal assistance.

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