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Melanie Griffith finalizes high asset divorce after 1 year

Florida couples know that divorce is rarely easy. The situation can prove quite stressful for all involved, especially when a high asset divorce leads to a drawn-out battle over who gets what and how much. Superstar Melanie Griffith may be able to relate as she was battling with her former spouse for an entire year before asset division was recently finalized.

Actor Antonio Banderas, age 55, and 58-year-old Melanie Griffith had a post-nuptial agreement reportedly signed in 2004. The contract stipulates that, moving forward, they would equally divide any assets acquired through film-making. The couple also wrote into their agreement that any money earned before that date could be kept by the individual who earned it.

According to their recent settlement, Griffith will receive a $65,000 support payment each month from Banderas. Among assets that were divided between the former celebrity spouses was $16 million from the sale of their palatial home. Ms. Griffith apparently will keep a Picasso painting and another mansion the couple shared together in Colorado.

A high asset divorce often involves many valuable items, including jewelry, mansions, expensive cars, boats and more. Things can get quite complicated when attempting to determine how these and other assets should be divided between divorcing spouses. Florida uses an equitable distribution system to determine such matters, meaning that assets will be divided fairly, though not always equally, between former spouses. It is typically prudent to seek answers to any legal questions or concerns one might have regarding such issues by consulting with an experienced family law attorney in the area.

Source:, "Melanie Griffith Slices Up 'Zorro' In Divorce Settlement", Dec. 21, 2015

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