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Florida alimony issues can involve more than money

Florida couples who divorce may find themselves facing various situations that seem difficult to resolve without legal intervention. Some of the most commonly addressed issues include alimony, child custody and property division. There are times when things can become quite complicated, given the intensely personal nature of these topics.

Some former spouses engage in ongoing emotional battles that seem to reach deeper than the obvious, surface issues of money, time, scheduled visits and the like. In fact, there have been incidents where civil lawsuits have been filed when a former spouse believes he or she is being harassed by the other. This type of situation occurred recently in another state where a man filed a legal claim against his former wife because of words she apparently frequently writes on the alimony checks she sends to him.

The man is seeking compensation for monetary damages, claiming that he has suffered undue physical and emotional distress because of insulting words that his former wife writes on the memo lines of the alimony checks she sends him each week. The memos allegedly include words such as "loser," "bum" and other phrases that the former husband finds derogatory. His claim states that he suffers from certain health issues which have been made worse from the emotional trauma he experiences when he reads the checks.

One of the checks was supposedly posted on the Facebook page of the law firm representing the man in court. The words, "alimony/adult child support" can be seen on the memo line of the check pictured in the post. It is not yet known how the court will rule in this case. However, anyone in Florida experiencing similar legal challenges after divorce may also choose to take the matter up in court, a first logical step of which would be to discuss the situation with an experienced family law attorney.

Source:, "N.J. man sues ex-wife for writing 'bum', 'loser' on alimony checks, report says", Dan Ivers, Dec. 20, 2015

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