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December: calm before the storm for divorce filings

During the month of December, there is a sort of calm when it comes to divorce filings. Many lawyers have noticed that many couples do not want to disrupt the holidays so they will wait until the New Year to file for divorce. This is especially true if there are children involved.

While December may not be very busy in terms of divorce filings, it does see its fair share of child custody cases as parents fight over where the children will be for the holidays.

Once we hit January, divorce filings flood in. Although some may think January has the highest numbers, according to an analysis of findings, it seems that March has been the consistent winner in this department. It appears that people start filing in January and the divorce filings peak in March.

Some chalk this up to waiting out the holidays. Others say people choose to file in the beginning of the year in hopes of having their bonus considered as non-marital property. Still, others say that during the three-month period, individuals spend their time researching what kind of divorce they want to have and what attorney they want to work with. They may also be waiting until the New Year to replenish their money after holiday spending so that they can pay the retainer fee.

The cost of a traditional litigated divorce with children involved can range from $10,000 to even $100,000. Mediation may lower costs to several thousand dollars. If you are planning to file for divorce in the beginning of 2016, it may be a good idea to start researching your options sooner than later.

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