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December 2015 Archives

Florida alimony issues can involve more than money

Florida couples who divorce may find themselves facing various situations that seem difficult to resolve without legal intervention. Some of the most commonly addressed issues include alimony, child custody and property division. There are times when things can become quite complicated, given the intensely personal nature of these topics.

Melanie Griffith finalizes high asset divorce after 1 year

Florida couples know that divorce is rarely easy. The situation can prove quite stressful for all involved, especially when a high asset divorce leads to a drawn-out battle over who gets what and how much. Superstar Melanie Griffith may be able to relate as she was battling with her former spouse for an entire year before asset division was recently finalized.

Understanding equitable distribution in Florida

Divorce can be a very complicated and intensely emotional process. Various legal matters can be complex and difficult for the average person with no legal background to understand. Any Florida resident facing issues regarding equitable distribution of assets will want to seek clarification before attempting to negotiate a settlement.

December: calm before the storm for divorce filings

During the month of December, there is a sort of calm when it comes to divorce filings. Many lawyers have noticed that many couples do not want to disrupt the holidays so they will wait until the New Year to file for divorce. This is especially true if there are children involved.

Florida alimony bill clears first panel

Alimony serves a great purpose after divorce, but it can also be a very frustrating issue for both individuals. On the one hand, a spouse who was a stay-at-home parent may end up not being able to get back into the workforce after divorce. That individual understandably needs support in order to stay financially afloat. On the other hand, the individual paying the alimony does not want to have to support his or her ex-spouse for the rest of his or her life. This push and pull becomes a very contentious issue.

Can I appeal the judge’s ruling in my divorce case?

Usually when your lawyer and you try to settle a divorce, you work hard to find a middle ground that each individual can be happy with. If that scenario doesn’t work, the case may have to be decided by a family court judge. Either way, the hope is that the outcome will be one that you can be satisfied with long term.

Florida woman’s website helps those going through divorce

Most of the time we discuss the serious legal aspects of divorce on our blog, but once in a while it’s nice to take a step back and realize that divorce is a choice that people make in hopes of having a better future. Legal matters aside, it can be a very emotional and isolating process. Many individuals come out of a divorce without a job and without any prospects in terms of a new relationship. Some may even feel isolated from their friends because many of them are happily married.

Why is it important to determine paternity?

When two individuals are happily married and give birth to a child, most people assume that the two married individuals are the biological parents of that child. While in many cases that is the case, it certainly isn’t always the case. In some cases, even when a couple is married, the man in the relationship may doubt that he is the true father of the child. In a marriage or relationship, this may happen if infidelity is suspected. This may also happen if two individuals are not even in a relationship.

It’s important to establish the value of your unique assets

Couples who have been together for decades often worked hard to acquire the assets they have. The home they now own and the prized possessions in it may have come about after years of hard work by both individuals. It makes sense, then, that an individual would have a fear of losing these assets in a divorce. To some, it may seem petty to fight over inanimate objects, but those who own them often understand that they have a monetary value as well as a personal value.

Make sure your prenuptial agreement is valid

Making it three in a row on prenuptial agreements, today's post will be looking at the possibility of challenging a prenuptial agreement. Now, that concept may seem like a fever dream. "You can't challenge a prenup," you may think to yourself. "Those contracts are solid as a rock. No judge will ever overturn them."

On prenups, and what can or can't be included in them

In our last post, we talked about discussing money and prenuptial agreements with your soon-to-be-spouse. Money is important -- we'll say it even though it goes without saying. And when two people walk down the aisle together, the financial side of their relationship is immensely important. Discussing this factor in your relationship is inherently important.

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