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The importance of a parenting plan after divorce

One of the first things that parents who plan to divorce think about is how the divorce will affect their children. The effect that the divorce has on a child is very individual and often varies with age. Each child handles the news of divorce in different ways, but it’s important to understand that the parent’s actions will either help or hinder the child’s ability to cope with the divorce.

For this reason, it’s important to have a solid parenting plan in place. This parenting plan, as explained by The Florida Bar, helps ensure that both parents have ongoing contact with their child and that parental responsibilities of minor children are shared.

In a best-case scenario, both parents would discuss a parenting plan and come to an agreement on how they want to tackle important issues such as the child’s education, medical needs and religion. If two parents are able to create a reasonable parenting plan, a judge may approve the plan. Although this is the outcome that most parents would love to reach, it is unfortunately not always the case.

In some cases, parents cannot reach a resolution on their own and have to turn to the court system in order to solidify a parenting plan. In this case, a judge will consider the best interests of the child and various other aspects in order to make a final decision. While a court will strive to make a fair distribution in terms of parenting time, in some rare situations it is in the child’s best interest that one parent gets sole parental responsibility.

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