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Social media and divorce

For many people, using social media has become such a daily part of life, that they might not really think about what they are posting or how it could factor into other life situations. However, what you put on Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media can potentially have serious ramifications in your divorce proceedings.

It's normal to want to vent about your ex or how your divorce is going on your personal social media page, but it's important to understand that even if your privacy settings are strict, there is still the potential for anyone to see what you're posting. Anything you post can then be used by the other side in court.

This is perhaps most commonly an issue in divorces involving child custody battles, allegations of domestic violence or infidelity, or hidden assets. To protect your interests, it's best to temporarily shut down your social media pages until your divorce is finalized. At the very least, make sure not to post anything about your divorce or anything negative about your ex if your divorce involves children.

How social media posts can and are used in divorce proceedings is still a relatively new issue in the family court systems. You may have questions about what is or is not a good idea or how existing social media posts may end up as evidence in your divorce or custody battle. Talking with a family law attorney about your specific situation can help you better understand what to expect as you move forward and how best to manage your social media accounts so they don't negatively affect you in your divorce.

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