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November 2015 Archives

The importance of a parenting plan after divorce

One of the first things that parents who plan to divorce think about is how the divorce will affect their children. The effect that the divorce has on a child is very individual and often varies with age. Each child handles the news of divorce in different ways, but it’s important to understand that the parent’s actions will either help or hinder the child’s ability to cope with the divorce.

Divorce case brings up topic of direct and indirect contempt

In many cases, divorce proceedings go relatively fast and things sort themselves out easily, that is, if both individuals cooperate and work together to reach a resolution. But as many of our readers can understand, divorce brings with it many emotions, and those emotions can lead people to act in ways that slow down the divorce process.

Do you feel extremely guilty post-divorce?

It makes sense that we talk about divorce from a legal standpoint on this blog because a divorce basically involves a legally binding contract and a lot of details that are similar to business transactions. But at the heart of the matter, there are a lot of emotions brewing. Individuals don’t often jump into a divorce hastily. Some people think it over for months or even years before they finally decide to file the papers.

Actress Kaley Cuoco may come out on top with prenup

When two individuals are happily in love, signing a prenuptial agreement may seem like a mood killer. It’s not something many individuals want to discuss when they are finding a wedding venue, inviting guests and picking out their wedding colors. But as many cases have proven, taking that extra step can really be a smart decision in the long run.

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