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October 2015 Archives

Should you go through divorce without a lawyer?

It's hard to imagine going through the divorce process without a lawyer, but there are some couples that decide to do so. They might be couples that have few assets and no children or those that have been married for only a few years. While these scenarios may seem ideal for going through the process without a lawyer, the outcome may not be what either individual had hoped for.

Halle Berry to divorce her third husband

We previously heard about actress Halle Berry's child custody battle with her ex-boyfriend over their 7-year-old daughter. Now Berry is dealing with yet another family law issue - divorce. The actress married Olivier Martinez in 2013 in France. Four months before their July wedding, Berry announced that she was expecting a child with Martinez. The boy, named Maceo, was born in October of that year.

Marriage after 32: higher risk for divorce?

There is a lot of research out there on the topic of divorce. To some degree, we all have a curiosity about why some marriages succeed and why other marriages fail. While research findings can give us a broad idea of what is going on in terms of marriages and divorces, research cannot really predict how any one marriage will turn out in the long run.

Florida senator files for divorce, seeks full custody of son

While some marriages last for decades before the topic of divorce is even considered, other marriages are short-lived. In many cases it's very hard to know exactly how long a marriage will last and it's probably safe to say that nobody expects to divorce soon after they get married.

Child custody concerns to discuss with your attorney

Child custody issues can be some of the most frustrating and time-consuming concerns during divorce proceedings in Florida. If the ex-spouses agree on an arrangement, things may go relatively well, but in many cases there can be some or man disagreement.

What is your retirement plan after divorce?

The last thing someone going through divorce in Florida may be thinking about is their retirement. Most individuals are thinking about their current financial state and the financial state that will follow after the divorce is finalized. But financial professionals urge individuals to keep their retirement goals a top priority because retirement age may be coming sooner than you think.

Florida Supreme Court rules on prenup language

When two individuals put together a prenuptial agreement, the hope is that they will never have to use it. Many years, even decades, may go by without even a mention of the agreement; that is, until one of the spouses wants to divorce. After decades of marriage, the other spouse may feel as though the guidelines agreed upon in the prenup should be tossed out, especially if there has been substantial asset growth during the marriage.

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