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What do married couples on the verge of divorce fight about?

Every divorce is unique in its own way, but it seems that a lot of couples end up fighting about the same things. Marriage therapists often hear similar arguments among those that are headed for divorce, according to a recent Huffington Post article.

One fight that is often common has to do with a couple's sex life. Arguments about topics that don't have to do with the bedroom often lead to spouses being resentful or feeling criticized, which can lead to a spouse losing interest in sex.

Another complaint individuals often have about their spouses is that he or she has "checked out." Sometimes a spouse becomes disengaged and acts as if they no longer believe in the marriage. Similarly, another common argument stems from a lack of communication. At a certain point, one or both spouses may start making assumptions, hiding things and not being transparent. This can cause the other spouse to lose trust in their partner.

Taking each other for granted is also a common topic. When spouses get comfortable, it can often be seen as a lack of care for the other person. In this situation, the feelings often come from an assumption of what certain actions mean.

If a couple tends to fight a lot, you may come to a place where you don't even know if you are fighting about the same thing anymore. This can happen if spouses are unwilling to collaborate and see each other's viewpoints.

Finally, one spouse may start using the children against the other spouse. Instead of keeping their marital problems private, they try to find allies in their children. In the long run, this can be really difficult for any child.

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