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Divorce cannot solve all your problems

In our last post we talked about the different things that a divorce can do for an individual, such as divide property, set up support obligations and decide custody arrangements. While a Florida divorcee can expect these topics to be resolved through the process, there are definitely things a divorce cannot do.

For example, a divorce cannot guarantee equal and fair distribution of assets. In many cases, a judge has to make a decision based on limited knowledge of the two individuals involved, so the final outcome may not always seem fair. There are also certain circumstances in which a fair outcome is nearly impossible. For example, if one parent lives in Fort Lauderdale while the other parent lives in Ohio, reaching a child custody arrangement that satisfies both parties may not be possible.

A divorce also cannot keep your standard of living the same as it was when you were married. In general, it's cheaper for two individuals to live in one household than it is for them to live in separate dwellings. Spouses will likely have to come to terms with the fact that their standards of living may change in some way.

A divorce also cannot keep two individuals from fighting. The judge cannot always oversee every visitation session or monitor how a parent talks to his or her children about the ex-spouse. The civility of the relationship after divorce is in the hands of the ex-spouses. Of course, if there is abuse involved, the court can step in.

Finally, a divorce cannot fix emotional issues caused by the split. A court cannot right all the wrongs that happened during a marriage. A lawyer may be able to help keep you on track and not let your emotions get the best of you, but in the end, seeking therapy and support from those around you can be a good option.

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