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Will Ashley Madison hack have an effect on divorce cases?

Readers of our blog may have heard of the website Ashley Madison, which has the slogan "Life is short. Have an affair." Lots of men and women visit the site yearly in order to find romance outside of their marriage. Recently, it was reported that hackers were able to obtain information from the site, such as names of members, their sexual preferences and even their credit card information. If this information is made public, it could have an effect on the number of divorces across the country.

It is likely that every divorce lawyer has one or more clients that have found their spouse on a similar website. According to a CNN Money article, one lawyer pointed out that of those clients that had Ashley Madison-related cases, two-thirds were those who realized that if they had to visit a site like that, there was probably something wrong with their marriage. The other one-third of those clients included individuals that found their spouse visiting the site.

Even if the hack does lead to more divorces, most states have a no-fault divorce option meaning the cheating aspect won't really affect the divorce proceedings. It may be used as leverage, of course, if the spouse feels guilty about cheating.

Besides infidelity, there are many different reasons and situations that may lead someone to file for divorce. It's important to work with a lawyer in order to understand the ins and outs of family law and how such laws may affect a person's individual case.

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